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Fast & Efficient

If you have never had the opportunity to address the ergonomic needs of your workers or if its been a while since your last evaluation program, a spot-check sweep is ideal if you prefer a lighter approach to workstation evaluations for your team members or if your budget does not permit more comprehensive evaluations at this time.  Also, if your workers are returning to the office following a lengthy time working from home, this is the right time to check in with them to be sure they know how to properly set up and use the furniture and technology you have substantially invested in. 


We can perform a workspace sweep service, touching base with each employee for a spot-check on their posture, chair and technology set-up and make quick and efficient adjustments as needed. 


This service allows us to reach more employees in a shorter time frame and gives you peace of mind that their comfort and ergonomic needs are being met.  This will also help us identify individuals that may require further assistance with a more in-depth analysis that can be addressed on a case by case basis. 


This spot-check evaluation service does not include comprehensive reports or employee follow-up but will include a summary report that highlights any further action that may be required.  Consider combining an ergonomic spot-check sweep with interactive group training sessions to reinforce the importance of good ergonomics.

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