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Make Informed Choices and Protect Your Investment

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes support needed to successfully execute a new project or manage your day-to-day workplace activities.  Whether you are looking for a certified professional to assess the risk of a work task, resources to develop your corporate ergonomic strategy, selecting the right furniture products for your space, solving for challenging wire management scenarios or taking that big furniture investment you are about to make or already made and get the most out of it by empowering your employees through training, we are ready to help you.

TASK RISK ASSESSMENT:  Assessing the risks of a specific job or task can keep those performing it free of injury and meet safety compliance requirements.  A comprehensive risk assessment for office related tasks, material handling or other industrial environments can identify potential challenges and assist you in putting measures in place to avoid them before an incident happens.  These risk assessments include a thorough review of the task including interviews and live observations of workers including physical measurements, followed by a comprehensive report outlining findings and steps for improvement.

ERGONOMIC TRAINING:  With the big investments you are making for furniture, you want to be sure your employees know how to correctly adjust and use it to improve their comfort, health and productivity and to ensure your money is well spent.  So often, this final step of moving into or around a space is overlooked.  Training is critical for those working in home office or remote spaces who may not have access to fully adjustable furniture.  We can train those employees on ergonomic best practices helping to foster good habits that reduce the risk of fatigue and injury.  We can help you develop a training protocol that is meaningful and sustainable, protecting your most important assets, your employees.

ERGONOMIC POLICY & PLAYBOOK DEVELOPMENT:  Ergonomic strategies and policies create a road map to compliance and let your employees know you care about their comfort and well being.  Published and well thought out playbooks of ergonomic policies keep the process clear and repeatable and can be a supplement to your already comprehensive human resources policies and guidelines.  This can include resources for existing employees or can be part of a streamlined on-boarding process for new team members.

FURNITURE STANDARD PROGRAMS:  Selecting your furniture is a big decision with much to consider.  We can help guide you through this complex process so you are choosing products that will meet the needs of your diverse workforce and that are compliant with rigorous industry standards.    We are independent and not affiliated with any furniture manufacturer so we can provide unbiased recommendations that meet your needs and budget.  Be Well Ergo can also help you develop an ergonomic furniture standard including a detailed playbook to guide purchases for all of your office locations, reducing costs and improving inventory management.

ERGO PRODUCTS TESTING LAB:  The best way to help employees select product that fits them well such as chairs, height adjustable tables, technology accessories, etc. is to provide a testing lab where they can try out different options to find just the right one.  We can help you select products for this lab that meet your budget, have a wide range of options for employees and adhere to your furniture standards.

WIRE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS:  Sometimes, your most complex challenge is managing your cords and cables in the workstation especially if you are using adjustable tables and other movable solutions.  We can help you navigate the challenge to improve aesthetics and safety which is also a big part of an ergonomic solution.  We will work with your IT team and your furniture supplier to design a solution that is safe and efficient.