Convenient & Flexible

The ability to work remotely can have many benefits however, it can come with a compromise to ergonomics as remote work spaces, specifically home offices, are often not properly equipped to support the ergonomic needs of workers.  Coinciding with the prevalence of home based work has come a corresponding rise in workers compensation claims and reported musculoskeletal discomfort and injuries resulting from the lack of proper ergonomic furniture and technology set ups.  This can often be remedied with an assessment of a worker's challenges and the implementation of high impact - low or no cost solutions of adjusting their workspace.  

 At Be Well Ergo, we are certified as Remote Ergonomic Assessment Specialists and can effectively provide virtual ergonomic workstation evaluations for just about any work location when in-person evaluations are not possible or practical. 


If your team members who work from home offices or other remote locations need ergonomic assistance, we can easily connect with them to provide one-on-one evaluations and offer the same adjustment and wellness suggestions that are provided for on-site services. 


These evaluations include a preview of the employee's workspace using photos submitted by the employee and a brief survey of their concerns, a video call to review findings and make adjustments to their workspace followed by a comprehensive report with follow-up to ensure the employee is comfortable and productive. 


The final report will summarize the findings, action steps taken and additional suggestions for improvement.  This report is helpful for ongoing reference by the employee and for any applicable workers compensation or employment documentation. 


Contact us for further information about these services or to schedule a no obligation discovery call.